Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Month Old

Do i seriously have a one month old?? She is growing up too fast!


Lila Naomi Ewell

Born Oct. 18
5 pounds 13 ounces 19 1/2 inches

Birth Story

Finally i am getting around to blogging again. Not that I was that great at it before but I am going to try to be better about it.

Through out the third trimester i had pretty bad back pain. I thought it was pretty normal considering i had a huge belly and some extra pounds that i was carrying around, but sometimes it got so bad it felt like someone was shoving a fist into my upper back knocking the breath out of me. This happend here and there in the third tri but on October 13 it was happening constantly. I was barely sleeping(laying down made the whole breathing thing worse)and the pain was constant. After feeling like that for two days i thought something is not right, and if nothing is wrong then heaven help me when labor comes. I went into the doc's office on Friday and my blood pressure was a bit high, they where a little concerned about it so they hooked me up to the monitors to check and make sure baby was doing everything normal. And she was, so they pretty much told me to deal with the horrendous pain and that baby would be here soon. I was trying to be tough because i wasn't even in labor so i felt pretty pathetic that i was barley handling this pain when labor i imagined would be much worse, so needless to say i wasnt feeling very confident in being able to birth a child. The pain continued and got worse on Sunday so after a million tears, showers, and baths i couldnt take the pain anymore. Hub convinced me that we where going to the hospital and we werent leaving till they gave me somthing for my pain. I kept telling him that they arent going to give me anything and that im just going to have to deal with it. Anyway they send me up to labor and delivery, check my blood pressure and apprently it was very high which meant i had preclamsia. They told me they where addmitting me and that we where going to have the baby today. I was pretty shocked and not quite with it because of the severe pain i was still in. Everything moved pretty quickly. They give me an IV (which took four times of being poked)to put medicane in for the preclamsia. Magnisium sulfate is the most horendous drug. immediately after putting it in i was barfing. it also makes you feel so out of it but still you know whats going on. then the epidural (which took another ten pokes because apprently i have a minor case of scoliosis) The epidural, such a beautiful thing! After recieving it my back pain was completly gone and i was finally able to sleep. I told Hub to go home get some sleep and come back with our hospital bag. I slept a couple hours but my blood pressure wasnt going down it was getting worse. thats when my sweet nurse said if we cant get this under control very soon we are going to have to have c-section. i of course did not want a c-section but im so glad so was mentally preparing me. So i call hub and tell him to get here quick in case somthing happens. they next thing i know the doc is in there telling me we are having this baby now. i start crying becuase a c-section is something i NEVER wanted and i continued to cry all the way into the operating room. To make matters worse this man(i have no idea who he was) has the nerve to say "you need to relax a c-section is not the end of the world" Thank you sir for telling a drugged, pregnant, crying lady that its not the end of the world when cleary i felt like it was. Oh how i wish he could have been in my shoes the past nine months! jerk! anyway they start giving me meds to make it so i dont feel anything (one of my fears with haveing a c-section was that i would be able to feel them cut me open) i kept telling them i can feel things so they kept pumping me with the meds. it was getting super hard to keep my eyes open, the sweet nurse told me that i needed to stay awake or hub wouldnt be able to come in and i wouldnt be able to see my baby. After litterally feeling my self being cut open (my fear coming to life but with out the pain) I see little Lila, sadly i dont remember much other then saying " shes so tiny, shes so tiny" and "hub make sure you stay with her" then everything is pretty foggy. Few hours later i guess i come too a little bit. they bring her to me and she immeiatly starts to nurse.. i dont really remember doing it but i remember feeling so happy she was here and that she was safe.

This is what you look like after having magnesium sulfate.

Because i was given the manesium sulfate it also went to Lila which causes them to feel gross and sluggish. It also cuases them to stop breathing, so she had to be in the NICU, where she did end up not being able to breath. That first day i couldnt really move.The next day they make you move. I just wasnt getting better. i felt pretty awful. I was sad i couldnt be with my brand new baby and i was sad that when i was with her i was feeling so bad. Anyways this is already a novel so i'll try to wrap it up. I ended up needing a blood tranfusion and Lila had jaundice and had to be in the lights for twenty four hours. We where in the hospital for five days. We got out the day she was due Oct. 23. As un pleasent as it was it could have been a lot worse. Im so thankful we are home and i have an ADORABLE healthy baby girl!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things i didnt know...

Things I didn't know... before i was Pregnant

So i going to be real upfront with the nitty gritty of pregnancy so sorry if you feel this is "Too Much Information"

First Trimester

. Accelerated heart beat. This was one of the first things i noticed. I constantly felt like i had just walked up a flight of stairs.

. Being BFF'S with my toilet. I've NEVER known sickness like this before. NOTHING i repeat NOTHING is worse then being nauseous 24/7. I had no idea that i would actually "get used" to vomiting. (the same color and taste of vomit for 18 weeks) Thank goodness for ZOFRAN, with out it im pretty sure i would be dead. (a little dramatic i know) Im so thankful for my health and i hope to never take it for granted again!

Second Trimester

. STILL nauseous and vomiting.

. Ear stuffiness. i always feel like my ears needed to pop. and i had alot more boogers.

. I had to eat something every hour but a very small portion of whatever it was or i would vomit almost immediately.

Third Trimester

. Peeing ALL the time. yes i knew pregnant women peed a lot but i literally have to go pee every time i stand up from sitting down.

. Heartburn. i had no idea i would wake up from dreams feeling like i was on fire. Im pretty sure i pop TUMS in my sleep.

. I constantly feel like im carrying a water balloon in between my legs.

. Constipation. I haven't had a pleasurable poo in i don't know how long...sigh

. Leaky nipples. Gross ... i feel like a cow.

. I seriously didn't know that my stomach (including every other body part) could get so big so fast these last couple weeks.

So there you have it.. its actually not as gruesome as i thought it would be. Lets just say i truly don't think i'll miss being pregnant, however i will miss ONE thing.. her moving inside me. It really is indescribable. I love it. I love this little one. I know im a whiner but i truly am blessed to be able to carry a child and experience all the not so good things about pregnancy. I just might only have one kid and that's ok;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We where so glad when Preston's family was able to come to Texas for a little family vacation. Whats even better is Preston pretty much planned it all so i didnt have to worry or stress about a thing! After taking two days to travel to Texas, we took the next day just to recoup and get ready to go to San Antonio, TX.(I drove from Ut to Tx with the Ewells) Driving to San Antonio was nothing compared to driving all the way from Utah( only three hours away from where we live). We had such a good time laughing, eating and just enjoying each others company.

Eating lunch at the Riverwalk. Such a fun place!

Eating turky legs at Seaworld.

Having fun at Ripley's believe it or not wax museum.

Friday, July 30, 2010


The first weekend in July my Mom's side of the family has a reunion in Utah every year. It had been three years sense i'd seen most my aunts, uncles, and cousins so i was so glad i was able to catch up with them and enjoy a weekend together.
My aunt Karsen, Me, and my Aunt Kristen. All three of us are pregnant.

My Two cute cousins! Gloria and Diana.

Mandy came from Virginia for a few days. It was so good to see her.

I also had Three baby showers while i was in Utah. One from my family. One from Prestons family, and one with my girl friends. Im not sure i have all i need but i deffinetly have alot of cute clothes for this little one. Thanks to everyone who threw me a shower it was so nice. Im so blessed to have such great friends and family.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

22 weeks

I am SO glad that I'm feeling SO much better. Time seems to be going faster now, and October will be here before i know it. My belly is really starting to show but not as much as i thought it would be.. according to the books I'm reading, from here on out I'll notice a significant change in belly size week to week. Call me crazy, but I'm looking forward to it!
Since i last updated i hadn't felt her move yet, but now she never stops unless someone wants to feel(of course) I'm not sure I'm noticing much of a personality yet but i have noticed a few things. One being she and i both hate when there is any weight on my stomach. She kicks and punches until whatever it is that's causing pressure, isn't anymore. It makes me laugh every time. Feeling her move inside me is the best! i cant explain the feeling i have when she does. I'm sure other moms can relate. I am just so thankful i get to experience this even though it is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Its so fun getting to know her and feeling the love i have for her grow everyday.

22 weeks and a few days.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pregnancy Hormones...Yikes!

Did i seriously just start bawling because i couldn't figure out how to organize my pictures on the computer?? Ya, i did!

How embarrassing!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its a GIRL!

Preston has been convinced through out this LONG process that we where having a boy, and sense i didn't have a "mothers instinct" i just kinda went along with it.
The day i scheduled the ultrasound they gave me a paper to help me remember when it was(which i need) and a side note with instructions to do before the ultrasound, i didn't pay much attention to it until the night before the appointment. The side note basically said i had to drink over a liter of water in one hour and to not empty my bladder until after the appointment. Are you kidding me??? Holding my pee has never been something I'm good at, not to mention a baby inside sitting on your bladder, but I'm happy to report that i did it! After they looked at my organs and the baby's she said i could go release my self and then we would start looking for the sex. From that point on it was very surreal. it was so special to see her moving and seeing her ten fingers and ten toes, it was the best! Although Preston wanted a boy he is very excited to be having a little girl. He said he cant wait to start the daddy daughter relationship. I feel so blessed to be able to go through pregnancy and have one of gods children entrusted to me, such an overwhelming responsibility but one that i am ready to take on.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

16 weeks!

As most of you know I am Prego! 16 weeks prego at that! I wish i could say its been such a "beautiful experience" But the reality is.. it hasn't, its been anything thing but. Yes, i am thrilled to be able to be a mommy(weird!) Yes, i think its a miracle that two people can create a human being but seriously.. i haven't experienced the whole " its such a beautiful thing" feeling. It could be because im not normal, or it could be because the toilet was my best friend for three weeks, or it could be that ive had morning sickness(ALL day sickness) for 10 LONG weeks and counting, or it could be because i haven't felt the baby move yet, but none the less i haven't had that feeling. Now don't get me wrong like i said im thrilled that i am able to carry a child and its awesome and reassuring to hear the heartbeat and it really is a beautiful thing but i just haven't had that "love connection" yet. Maybe i should clarify... i would be devastated if something happened to this baby and i am protective but it takes time to get to know this little one which is why it will take time for the like to grow to love, but i know i will have that "love connection" and im looking forward to it! By the way we are finding out what the sex is on MAY 25. VERY exciting! Here is the belly at 16 weeks.
The day we found our we where expecting.


Going home couldn't have happened at a better time. I REALLY needed to go home. You know the feeling of just needing your mom/family? There really is no place like home. I love smelling the mountain air. I love knowing that where ever i need to go, i know how to get there(without the GPS) I love walking into the house i grew up in, the smells, the memories. like i said there's no place like home.

We had so much fun in Utah. The first of our activities was Paigelyns baby blessing. it was so great that the whole family was gathered together for such a special occasion. I've never really thought much of baby blessings, but it really is such a special thing. Her dad gave a beautiful blessing, it seemed perfect for little Paigelyn.

After that there wasn't a whole lot going on. Which is the way i prefer it! the days where filled with eating, laughing, seeing best friends, talking with my mama on her comfy bed(why is it that parents bed are always more comfy then your own? no matter what) and just enjoying all my family members! Im so thankful i have such a fantastic family!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Paigelyn Dee Ewell

This is the newest addition to the ewell family. Isnt she precious?
We are so excited that Preston and i get to go home for her baby blessing and finally meet her! (one of the disadvantages of living in Texas) oh and we are excited to see our other family members too but Paigelyn is our main focus. Cant wait to see you Paigey!