Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things i didnt know...

Things I didn't know... before i was Pregnant

So i going to be real upfront with the nitty gritty of pregnancy so sorry if you feel this is "Too Much Information"

First Trimester

. Accelerated heart beat. This was one of the first things i noticed. I constantly felt like i had just walked up a flight of stairs.

. Being BFF'S with my toilet. I've NEVER known sickness like this before. NOTHING i repeat NOTHING is worse then being nauseous 24/7. I had no idea that i would actually "get used" to vomiting. (the same color and taste of vomit for 18 weeks) Thank goodness for ZOFRAN, with out it im pretty sure i would be dead. (a little dramatic i know) Im so thankful for my health and i hope to never take it for granted again!

Second Trimester

. STILL nauseous and vomiting.

. Ear stuffiness. i always feel like my ears needed to pop. and i had alot more boogers.

. I had to eat something every hour but a very small portion of whatever it was or i would vomit almost immediately.

Third Trimester

. Peeing ALL the time. yes i knew pregnant women peed a lot but i literally have to go pee every time i stand up from sitting down.

. Heartburn. i had no idea i would wake up from dreams feeling like i was on fire. Im pretty sure i pop TUMS in my sleep.

. I constantly feel like im carrying a water balloon in between my legs.

. Constipation. I haven't had a pleasurable poo in i don't know how long...sigh

. Leaky nipples. Gross ... i feel like a cow.

. I seriously didn't know that my stomach (including every other body part) could get so big so fast these last couple weeks.

So there you have it.. its actually not as gruesome as i thought it would be. Lets just say i truly don't think i'll miss being pregnant, however i will miss ONE thing.. her moving inside me. It really is indescribable. I love it. I love this little one. I know im a whiner but i truly am blessed to be able to carry a child and experience all the not so good things about pregnancy. I just might only have one kid and that's ok;)


  1. You are NOT a whiner! You are pregnant. And being pregnant is painful and toturous. But I promise you it absolutely worth it. And somehow you will magically forget just how horrible it is and find yourself pregnant again someday. But don't worry about that now. Somehow I've managed to do it a few times;)

  2. Haha you crack me up! I remember those days well. Especially the heartburn, that was absolutely miserable! Hang in there!