Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Month Old

Do i seriously have a one month old?? She is growing up too fast!


Lila Naomi Ewell

Born Oct. 18
5 pounds 13 ounces 19 1/2 inches

Birth Story

Finally i am getting around to blogging again. Not that I was that great at it before but I am going to try to be better about it.

Through out the third trimester i had pretty bad back pain. I thought it was pretty normal considering i had a huge belly and some extra pounds that i was carrying around, but sometimes it got so bad it felt like someone was shoving a fist into my upper back knocking the breath out of me. This happend here and there in the third tri but on October 13 it was happening constantly. I was barely sleeping(laying down made the whole breathing thing worse)and the pain was constant. After feeling like that for two days i thought something is not right, and if nothing is wrong then heaven help me when labor comes. I went into the doc's office on Friday and my blood pressure was a bit high, they where a little concerned about it so they hooked me up to the monitors to check and make sure baby was doing everything normal. And she was, so they pretty much told me to deal with the horrendous pain and that baby would be here soon. I was trying to be tough because i wasn't even in labor so i felt pretty pathetic that i was barley handling this pain when labor i imagined would be much worse, so needless to say i wasnt feeling very confident in being able to birth a child. The pain continued and got worse on Sunday so after a million tears, showers, and baths i couldnt take the pain anymore. Hub convinced me that we where going to the hospital and we werent leaving till they gave me somthing for my pain. I kept telling him that they arent going to give me anything and that im just going to have to deal with it. Anyway they send me up to labor and delivery, check my blood pressure and apprently it was very high which meant i had preclamsia. They told me they where addmitting me and that we where going to have the baby today. I was pretty shocked and not quite with it because of the severe pain i was still in. Everything moved pretty quickly. They give me an IV (which took four times of being poked)to put medicane in for the preclamsia. Magnisium sulfate is the most horendous drug. immediately after putting it in i was barfing. it also makes you feel so out of it but still you know whats going on. then the epidural (which took another ten pokes because apprently i have a minor case of scoliosis) The epidural, such a beautiful thing! After recieving it my back pain was completly gone and i was finally able to sleep. I told Hub to go home get some sleep and come back with our hospital bag. I slept a couple hours but my blood pressure wasnt going down it was getting worse. thats when my sweet nurse said if we cant get this under control very soon we are going to have to have c-section. i of course did not want a c-section but im so glad so was mentally preparing me. So i call hub and tell him to get here quick in case somthing happens. they next thing i know the doc is in there telling me we are having this baby now. i start crying becuase a c-section is something i NEVER wanted and i continued to cry all the way into the operating room. To make matters worse this man(i have no idea who he was) has the nerve to say "you need to relax a c-section is not the end of the world" Thank you sir for telling a drugged, pregnant, crying lady that its not the end of the world when cleary i felt like it was. Oh how i wish he could have been in my shoes the past nine months! jerk! anyway they start giving me meds to make it so i dont feel anything (one of my fears with haveing a c-section was that i would be able to feel them cut me open) i kept telling them i can feel things so they kept pumping me with the meds. it was getting super hard to keep my eyes open, the sweet nurse told me that i needed to stay awake or hub wouldnt be able to come in and i wouldnt be able to see my baby. After litterally feeling my self being cut open (my fear coming to life but with out the pain) I see little Lila, sadly i dont remember much other then saying " shes so tiny, shes so tiny" and "hub make sure you stay with her" then everything is pretty foggy. Few hours later i guess i come too a little bit. they bring her to me and she immeiatly starts to nurse.. i dont really remember doing it but i remember feeling so happy she was here and that she was safe.

This is what you look like after having magnesium sulfate.

Because i was given the manesium sulfate it also went to Lila which causes them to feel gross and sluggish. It also cuases them to stop breathing, so she had to be in the NICU, where she did end up not being able to breath. That first day i couldnt really move.The next day they make you move. I just wasnt getting better. i felt pretty awful. I was sad i couldnt be with my brand new baby and i was sad that when i was with her i was feeling so bad. Anyways this is already a novel so i'll try to wrap it up. I ended up needing a blood tranfusion and Lila had jaundice and had to be in the lights for twenty four hours. We where in the hospital for five days. We got out the day she was due Oct. 23. As un pleasent as it was it could have been a lot worse. Im so thankful we are home and i have an ADORABLE healthy baby girl!