Saturday, May 8, 2010

16 weeks!

As most of you know I am Prego! 16 weeks prego at that! I wish i could say its been such a "beautiful experience" But the reality is.. it hasn't, its been anything thing but. Yes, i am thrilled to be able to be a mommy(weird!) Yes, i think its a miracle that two people can create a human being but seriously.. i haven't experienced the whole " its such a beautiful thing" feeling. It could be because im not normal, or it could be because the toilet was my best friend for three weeks, or it could be that ive had morning sickness(ALL day sickness) for 10 LONG weeks and counting, or it could be because i haven't felt the baby move yet, but none the less i haven't had that feeling. Now don't get me wrong like i said im thrilled that i am able to carry a child and its awesome and reassuring to hear the heartbeat and it really is a beautiful thing but i just haven't had that "love connection" yet. Maybe i should clarify... i would be devastated if something happened to this baby and i am protective but it takes time to get to know this little one which is why it will take time for the like to grow to love, but i know i will have that "love connection" and im looking forward to it! By the way we are finding out what the sex is on MAY 25. VERY exciting! Here is the belly at 16 weeks.
The day we found our we where expecting.


  1. Yay Lu! I am so excited for you. You will be the best mama. You look GREAT! I can't wait to see you again this summer.

  2. Elise, I haven't seen you in a very long time! You look great. Congrats on being pregnant...very exciting time though I think you should still be in Jr. High...that is how I remember you! Hang in there. The sickness will end eventually and it is all worth it in the end - then you forget and do it all over again!